50th: People page

Celebrating 50 years

The people who have worked at CRA have been key to our success. They inspire us, and we salute and thank them for making CRA the firm that it is today.

As we look toward our next fifty years, we invite current and past employees to share their memories and photos from working at CRA. We hope you enjoy their stories and that through them, you get to know more about our firm.

To submit a memory or photo, contact us here.

  • Hannah
    Associate, Antitrust & Competition Economics
    Washington, DC

    “I have several mentors at CRA and I have really strong relationships with all of them. Often, you find de facto mentors through your projects. As an example, for the past year, I have been working on a large merger and have been working closely with one of the leaders on the project. I was in his office at least once every day for the past year. I learned a lot from these daily interactions. I learned hard skills—how to create and format Excel tables, undertake industry research, and write effective e-mails and litigation memos. I also learned many soft skills, like how to work well with senior staff and present to clients on calls.”
  • Rebecca
    Associate, 1996-1998

    "The people I worked with at CRA were fabulous and among the smartest people I’ve ever worked with and known. The quality of work, attention to detail, and ability to confidently do rigorous analysis have served me well. Nothing but the very best is acceptable. When I was applying to graduate school, having the CRA name on my resume was an extra boost of credibility and a great pedigree to have."
  • Mike
    Principal, Auctions & Competitive Bidding

    “How can I best describe working at CRA during the past 35 years? Great camaraderie and a diverse work experience.”
  • Lizza
    Analyst, Intellectual Property

    “I was a summer intern in 2013 and am thrilled to be back full-time as an analyst! After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Finance, I wasn’t sure if anything I learned in class would apply to the 'real world.' Since rejoining CRA, I have used the analytical and teamwork skills I developed in college. I have worked on a variety of cases, including lost profits analysis of litigation cases. Outside of project work, I joined the Chicago office Social Committee and have enjoyed planning fun events, such as the annual Halloween party. Overall, being an analyst at CRA is rewarding because of not only the project work, but also the great people you are surrounded by and get to know.”
  • Serena
    Consulting Associate, Life Sciences

    “Even though CRA is organized by practice, I like that you can learn about different areas and work closely with different groups. It's basically a training ground to expand your horizons."
  • Katie
    Analyst, Intellectual Property

    “Starting out in the professional world can be intimidating. It is a huge change from student life where you have a set class schedule and are surrounded by friends. In my first three and a half months at CRA, I worked on a variety of cases and took on new roles. Working as an analyst has given me the opportunity to work with complex financial models and research different consumer industries. The undergraduate recruiting season has allowed me to share my experience as a new analyst with potential recruits. Finally, as a member of the Chicago office’s Social Committee, I have helped plan different events for the Chicago office. I have already learned a lot and look forward to learning and experiencing even more here at CRA.”
  • Chris
    Information Manager, Research Operations

    "There are so many great things about CRA that I have enjoyed over the last ten years. The variety of the work remains exhilarating, challenging, and exciting. After ten years, CRA feels like one big family! Having worked for a number of big international consultancies over the years, I am particularly proud of the hands-on giving and charitable work that CRA fosters as a company—it is outstanding."
  • Quenton
    Senior Associate, Labor & Employment

    "I enjoy the Labor & Employment Practice because sometimes I'm helping to manage six or seven projects at a time. This structure enables me to work with different people and creates the opportunity to mentor more analysts and associates. Through mentoring, we learn from each other. They bring new skills, especially in their knowledge of newer software and technologies. I hope to complement that with knowledge of our practice and projects."
  • Jen
    Vice President, Human Capital

    “I decided early on that I wanted to work with smart people on interesting projects and started at CRA in 2001, as a Senior Associate in the Energy practice. During my consulting years, I sought out and was able to work on projects with colleagues in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Finance, Competition, and Intellectual Property, among others. About eight years ago, I was invited to join the Corporate team, where I continued to find new opportunities in the same entrepreneurial atmosphere that had characterized my experience as a consultant. In my current role as head of our Human Capital team, I am able to nurture creativity and initiative within the firm, as well as make sure our employees feel cared for and supported. I have a lot of affection for CRA – it has been a great place to build my career.”
  • Megan
    Senior Associate, Antitrust & Competition Economics

    “I joined CRA two years ago with the group that came over to form the Chicago Competition practice. It was a very quick move and we were not sure what to expect once we joined CRA. We were welcomed with open arms and I have been very happy with the culture and my colleagues here at CRA these past two years.”
  • Takeo
    Intern: January 2014 – May 2014
    Joined Full Time: Analyst, Transfer Pricing, August 2014

    “I recall my CRA interview as having the most sophisticated yet fair and intellectually stimulating technical component that I’ve ever seen. It set the tone for my experiences at CRA, and speaks to the complexity of the work we accomplish, as well as the level-headedness with which we approach problem-solving and our interactions with others.”
  • Carl
    Associate Director, 2004-2008

    “I worked for CRA between 2004 and 2008 in the Software Engineering group. My time at CRA was relatively brief, but the projects I worked on and the people I worked with remain as some of the highlights of my career. Among many interesting and challenging projects, I was heavily involved in work for the Auctions & Competitive Bidding practice. CRA was a great place to work and I experienced a lot of personal and professional growth during my time at the company. I wish CRA a very happy anniversary and prosperous future.”
  • Hitesh
    Director, Service Delivery and Telecommunications

    “I have the pleasure of working at CRA for coming up to 15 years this year. It’s an honor to call the talented people I work with across all the different practices, departments and geographies my colleagues, peers and friends. I enjoy the collaboration, culture and diversity as well as the way everyone is approachable and willing to share knowledge. I am fortunate in that I have been able to continually develop my skills, whether soft or technical, by learning from a range of people, from our junior staff up to senior management. Here’s to another great 50+ years ahead for CRA!”
  • Marianne
    Director, Client / Project Management Operations

    “Reading ‘Thoughts on CRA’ from Alan Willens brought back many memories. Although I wasn’t here in the very early days, I am proud to be an employee of CRA for 28 years. I am grateful to CRA for allowing me to take advantage of opportunities so I could build my career here.”
  • Bob
    Senior Consultant to CRA

    “I joined CRA in 1976, after teaching at Brandeis University for six years and a two-year stint at the Federal Trade Commission. I had already done some consulting related to antitrust economics and enjoyed the experience, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do it full-time. I thought I would try it for a year, see how it went, and decide what to do next. I’ve been with CRA ever since—as an employee until retiring in early 2009 and a senior consultant since.

    I’ve stayed with CRA for 39 years because of the interesting work and good clients, but most of all because of the great colleagues I’ve had. I’ve been able to work with leading academic economists and with top-notch economists and consultants on the CRA staff.

    What has stood out for me over the years is not only the high quality of the work done at CRA, but also the integrity with which the work is done. I believe that both high quality and integrity remain hallmarks of CRA’s work.

    I am also grateful to CRA for the opportunity to be part of its management for many years and to gain an additional perspective and understanding of the issues the company faced.

    Most of all, I want to thank my many CRA colleagues over the years for making my time so enjoyable and rewarding.”
  • Harry
    Analyst, Antitrust & Competition Economics

    “A memorable moment before I even joined CRA was when I was thanking a favorite professor at the London School of Economics (LSE) for giving me the education that got me into CRA. He congratulated me, and went on to say how he had worked here too and it was a great place. Fun moments since being at CRA? One time was when I was working on an abuse of dominance investigation. I was asked for suggestions about what the opposing team might argue. We could not see how they had a case and began getting creative. For the rest of the day, I periodically ran into my supervisor’s office and presented my ideas.”
  • Sharon
    Principal, Antitrust & Competition Economics
    Washington, DC

    “During my 15+ years at CRA, there have been many opportunities to learn and grow. With every project that I’ve worked on over the years, there is always a unique element, a new challenge, and new learning, especially when you aren’t afraid to ask questions.”
  • Dan
    Senior Consultant to CRA

    “One of CRA’s founding principles was to apply the latest and best econometric and statistical analysis to practical problems. This was very much in line with the ethos of CRA—applying the best methodology to real world problems.”