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Take a closer look. In an IP-intensive bankruptcy ruling, CRA’s expert testimony was cited by a
federal bankruptcy judge who denied a motion to authorize a proposed $70 million settlement
agreement between Samsung and Spansion, a manufacturer of flash memory products.

Intellectual Property

CRA's IP practice brings analytical rigor and objectivity to all types of IP issues, whether they’re related to high-stakes disputes, business decisions, transactions, or compliance matters.

Our group was among the first dedicated, integrated practices to help organizations value, protect, and fully leverage IP assets. The skill and effectiveness we’ve brought to these tasks has made us the preeminent consultancy specializing in financial, economic, and strategic issues related to patents, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, and all other types of intellectual property.

The group’s key areas of focus are litigation, valuation, transactions, strategy, and intelligence. We provide expert analysis and testimony in IP disputes, and our damages experts are masters at quantifying economic damages because many have both exceptional courtroom and real-world experience in IP management and transactions.

Valuation has become our core expertise.  In combination with our expert due diligence and financial advisory services, our strength in this area enables us to provide sound, insightful advice at all stages of transactions.

We also provide senior management, investors, and boards with objective, fact-based advice regarding IP strategy, risks, and opportunities, and business decision-makers turn to us for accurate, actionable IP intelligence that helps them protect their current market position and gain insight into the strategies of competitors.




Daniel McGavock
Vice President, Practice Leader of Intellectual Property