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Take a closer look. By 2050 California wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent.
To understand how the state might achieve its goal for the least cost, CRA conducted an investigation
for the Electric Power Research Institute.


CRA helps clients in a broad range of industries respond to pressing regulatory and legal challenges. We also help them develop compliance strategies and anticipate and adapt to future regulatory requirements.

Our consultants have extensive experience in traditionally-regulated industries, including telecommunications, electricity, natural gas, and healthcare. We are also skilled in helping companies meet business challenges that spring from regulations related to environmental protection, health and safety, and employment. Our understanding of regulation’s effects on economic incentives sharpens all aspects of our analysis. We:

  • Prepare policy studies that help develop the basis for sound regulatory policy
  • Assist counsel in drafting regulatory filings that are both persuasive and analytically rigorous
  • Provide and support expert witness testimony in regulatory proceedings
  • Assist clients in understanding and mitigating regulatory risks and exposures

Our professionals have a solid command of relevant economic tools and industry and institutional knowledge – factors unique to each industry and market sector. These include databases, legal and regulatory constraints, competitive dynamics, and sources of innovation.

CRA’s consultants have served at an array of regulatory agencies around the world, so we combine advanced economic analysis with an insider’s knowledge of the approaches that are most likely to have an impact on regulatory authorities.