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At CRA, you’ll be exposed to leading minds who use economic, financial, and business analysis to solve complex problems. Through a collegial environment, formal and informal training opportunities, and a broad array of professional development resources, the CRA experience opens doors. Hear from current employees about the work experience—from why they chose CRA, including the training and mentorship opportunities, to how CRA has grown their careers.

CRA Mentor Series – Getting to know Elizabeth Rountree

We encourage consultants to take an opportunity to connect with one another. In this interview, Consulting Associate Chloe Kim gains insight on professional and personal development from Vice President Elizabeth Rountree. Both Chloe and Elizabeth are members of the Life Sciences practice based in San Francisco. Read more >

The Power of Power BI

Power BI is a Microsoft software that allows users to make sense of large data sets by displaying data in an intuitive, interactive visual format. It can be used to visualize static data as well as dynamic data that is updating in real time. Read more >

The Internship Experience at CRA’s London Office

Having just completed my Masters in Economics, I was keen to explore the nexus between economic theory and reality - to understand how, and to what extent, I would use the rigorous theory I had studied to help solve a real world antitrust question. I was also certain that I wanted to work in an environment that would motivate me to go outside of my comfort zone while simultaneously offering me the opportunity to familiarise myself with the essential empirical tools. Read more >

Professional Development at Every Career Stage

CRA's Learning & Professional Development framework is focused on providing clarity around expectations and advancement, delivering meaningful feedback, and focusing on individual development needs. CRA offers Core training programs that are designed to strengthen fundamental skills through each stage of your career:  Research and Analysis, Project Management and Business Development.  Additionally, CRA offers timely and relevant hard and soft skill training to round out a professional portfolio. Read more >