Flore Nouvel

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Flore Nouvel


Flore Nouvel is an associate in the Antitrust & Competition Practice at Charles River Associates. She joined CRA in 2015 after graduating with a BA degree in Economics from Swarthmore College.

Meet Flore, analyst in the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice

A little bit about me: I enjoy traveling, yoga, and the outdoors! I started as an analyst in the Competition & Antitrust Economics Practice in Boston last year, in April 2015. Prior to CRA, I grew up in Paris, France and completed a liberal arts education at Swarthmore College. I came into school an undecided major with a curiosity for a diverse range of subjects from Chemistry to Chinese, and developed a strong interest for Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Problem solving and applying quantitative analysis to come to a solution is something I love and was one of the reasons economic consulting was attractive to me. Read more >