Leah Stallone

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Leah Stallone

Senior Manager, Learning & Professional Development

Leah Stallone is Senior Manager of Learning and Professional Development at Charles River Associates (CRA). Upon completing her MBA at Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business, Leah expanded her Human Resources expertise at several Chicago institutions: managing benefits & retirement at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, collaborating as a business partner at William Blair & Company, and consulting on the side as a training facilitator. She found her “home” in learning and development at CRA. Leah is able to combine her passion for creating a fun, educational environment with a meaningful mission: driving the momentum of CRA through the professional growth of its individuals and teams. Leah Stallone sits on the HRMAC Board of Directors.

Tech Labs at CRA

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was play school in my basement. I spent the majority of time setting up my classroom: gathering supplies to stock the teacher’s desk, picking my character’s name (usually Julianna), and lining up my stuffed animals as students. Most importantly, I loved writing my “lessons” on the chalkboard. At this point, I would lose interest in this game. For me, the joy came in the details, in creating the stage.      Read more >