Practice: Antitrust & Competition Economics

Practice: Antitrust & Competition Economics

Interning in Salt Lake City

In the second semester of my freshmen year studying at Brigham Young University (BYU), I had the opportunity to take a microeconomic theory class with Dr. Steve Waters, an adjunct professor at BYU and a principal in CRA’s Competition Practice. Throughout the duration of the semester, lectures of Lagrangian techniques, Marshallian/Hicksian optimization, elasticity, supply and demand, and substitutes and complements were peppered with stories of the cases he had worked on during his tenure. Read more >

CRA Mentor Series – Getting to know Matt List

CRA Mentor Series – Getting to know Matt List

We encourage consultants to take an opportunity to connect with one another. In this interview, Analyst Chris Dalla Riva gains insight on professional and personal development from Principal Matt List. Both Chris and Matt are members of the Antitrust & Competition Economics practice and based in Boston. Read more >

The Internship Experience at CRA’s London Office

Having just completed my Masters in Economics, I was keen to explore the nexus between economic theory and reality - to understand how, and to what extent, I would use the rigorous theory I had studied to help solve a real world antitrust question. I was also certain that I wanted to work in an environment that would motivate me to go outside of my comfort zone while simultaneously offering me the opportunity to familiarise myself with the essential empirical tools. Read more >

Skills gained at CRA

The greatest knowledge I have gained from my position at CRA is related to my practice, Antitrust & Competition Economics. Before coming to CRA, I had never studied economics in any formal capacity.  Now, every part of my work on a project teaches me something new. At the beginning of each new case, I learn about the industry and the client’s role in that industry. If the case is a merger, I study where possible antitrust issues lie and what sort of data we need to better understand the market. Read more >

Perspective on the culture of the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice

If there is one aspect of the culture at CRA that is heavily emphasized, it is the atmosphere of teaching and learning. You are not only invited, but encouraged to ask questions of both your peers and your managers. When you first begin, you are given an onboarding buddy who is your designated mentor, but that does not mean that he or she is the only resource you have. In my first few months here, I asked questions of almost everyone, and I was amazed at the positive response I received. Read more >