China Competition

China Competition

CRA is an acknowledged leader in providing economic analysis, advice, and testimony for antitrust and merger cases worldwide. Many CRA economists have held leading positions in European, American, or Canadian government regulatory agencies. We offer firms with multinational interests a single point of contact in each region to coordinate the work of tightly integrated transnational teams.

China Highlights

CRA Insights: China Highlights: February 2016
In this issue of CRA Insights: China Highlights, we focus on recent news and events involving CRA consultants. 

CRA Insights: China Highlights: May 2015
In this issue of CRA Insights: China Highlights, we focus on recent publications and events involving CRA consultants. 

Qihoo v. Tencent: economic analysis of the first Chinese Supreme Court decision under Anti-Monopoly Law
The Chinese Supreme People’s Court (SPC) decision on Qihoo 360 v. Tencent marked its first ruling on a matter filed under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law. This article discusses two key points in the SPC’s decision: (i) the SPC’s de-emphasis of market definition and market share in the assessment of dominance; and (ii) the effect-based analysis of market dominance conducted by the SPC which focuses on entry, direct evidence of competitive effects, and internet platform competition.