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Take a closer look. Charles River Associates recently assisted a company that was losing $35 million
annually. Our advice positioned them to earn $35 million annually—at which time their parent company
chose to divest them, realizing a transaction price of $400 million.


The chemical industry is undergoing rapid change—markets in North America and Europe continue to mature, while those in Asia and the Middle East offer substantial growth potential. Products are being commoditized, customers are consolidating and changing ownership patterns, and private equity continues to reshape the industry.  Although creating shareholder value is becoming more difficult, it remains an imperative. Executives actively consider how best to achieve aggressive growth given regional growth patterns, feedstock costs at all-time highs, customers focused increasingly on price alone, and well-positioned competitors lurking around every corner.

CRA understands every aspect of this difficult environment, and we can help you work successfully within it. We have years of hands-on experience in the chemicals industry, along with exceptional capabilities in business management and in-depth financial skills. Our talented industry veterans can collaborate with you to design creative business strategies, improve business performance, identify and execute acquisitions, create and execute concrete action plans, and deliver profitable growth.

We have a proven 40-year track record and have applied our insights and experience across the chemicals industry from upstream petrochemicals and polymers to downstream specialty chemicals and materials. We confront the most complex questions and bring facts into focus for senior executives of global, diversified chemical concerns, specialty chemical companies, and petrochemical arms of international energy companies.

Whether you’re weighing a major portfolio restructuring or looking for performance improvement from key business units, you can rely on CRA for clear, objective answers based on hard facts and rigorous analysis.