Marsha J. Courchane

Vice President, Co-Practice Leader of Financial Economics

Marsha J. Courchane -

Several firms have engaged CRA to assist with responses to FHA False Claims Act allegations made by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice. These involve looking at claims over time, loss, and recovery rates... Read more
CRA has been engaged in a class action lawsuit pertaining to the origination of subprime mortgages and whether the mortgages were disproportionately originated to minority borrowers. Read more
CRA been engaged to provide expert reports in ongoing litigation pertaining to mortgage loan modifications. Read more
When a large bank was involved in an investigation by a commodity exchange, they retained CRA to analyze substantial data sets of the activities of their traders in the US Treasury markets (cash and futures). Read more
When a new amendment was proposed to the Dodd-Frank Act, a bank retained CRA to research and evaluate the amendment’s economic impact. Our experts conducted thorough statistical analyses of the proposed amendment to quantify its impact to the bank,... Read more
CRA provided analytical support for regulatory reviews for banking clients facing investigations by the CFPB, the FDIC, the Federal Reserve Board and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Our analyses revealed there was no evidence of fair... Read more
CRA staff and experts have provided expert testimony on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants on matters involving allegations of discrimination in lending with respect to loan originations, loan pricing, borrower paid fees, and red lining. Read more
CRA served as the expert for two global financial institutions to implement their compliance, risk, and audit functions with respect to financial industry regulations. These assignments incorporated numerous federal and state regulations such as the... Read more
For a large lender, CRA provided expert testimony during a class action claim which asserted that underwriting of the mortgage disparately impacted minorities. Our expert— tasked with assessing whether statistical evidence supported the class action... Read more
CRA provided a large credit repository with expert reports concerning the impact of updates to consumer credit reports following bankruptcy proceedings and the potential effect of the provision of credit card limits on credit scores. The case was... Read more
CRA provided fair lending analyses for a major automotive lender in response to a DOJ investigation and separate class action litigation Read more
CRA has testified in several class action matters involving the origination or securitization of mortgage loans. These matters involved subprime lending, option ARM loans, reverse mortgages, forced place insurance, joint ventures, discrimination... Read more
In multiple consumer class action matters, CRA provided damages In multiple consumer class action matters, CRA provided damages testimony that relied on investigations of loans to named plaintiffs, statistical analysis of mortgage data for the class... Read more