Raman Mandapaka

Raman Mandapaka

Vice President

Dr. Mandapaka provides expertise for a wide range of risk management, regulatory compliance, and valuation matters including Model Risk Management and Governance, Credit and Market Risk Analytics, Loss Allowance, Anti-Money Laundering, and Data Governance.

Dr. Mandapaka has extensive experience in assisting banks, finance companies, Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs), and FinTech companies on risk management issues and regulatory compliance. He advises clients on gap assessments, data quality, model validation and development for compliance with Supervisory Guidance on Model Risk Management (SR 11-7), Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR), Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST), Basel III, Fundamental Review of Trading Book (FRTB), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Risk Data Aggregation (BCBS 239).  During the course of model validation work, Dr. Mandapaka developed a variety of unique methods for validation of vendor models and machine learning models.  He also has conducted several AML Transactions Monitoring model validations for compliance with DFS 504 – Banking Division Transaction Monitoring and Filtering Program Requirements and Certifications.

Dr. Mandapaka has deep capital markets, commercial and retail banking experience as well as large project management experience.  During and post financial crisis, he has been involved in highly visible special projects at central banks, investment banks, IHCs, and large banks.  Examples of such work include valuation, risk management and accounting of multi-billion dollar illiquid portfolios (RMBS, CMBS, CDO, Derivatives), due diligence and wind-down of distressed portfolios, impairment estimation for instruments bought at a deep discount, analyzing the economic impact of loan modifications on MBS investors, and identification, extraction, and compilation of data for loss given default (LGD) calculations.

Dr. Mandapaka is an expert in Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL) and the new regulatory requirements surrounding Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) and International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS 9) frameworks and helps clients understand and bridge gaps in their Data, Models, Technology, and Controls.

Dr. Mandapaka combines comprehensive knowledge of data governance, modeling, financial products and project management to provide cutting-edge services to financial institutions. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has authored several articles.


PhD, Economics
University at Stony Brook, New York