Robert B. Stoddard

Robert B. Stoddard

Senior Consultant to CRA
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Robert Stoddard has more than 15 years of experience assisting clients in defining, analyzing, and interpreting the economic issues involved with competition and product valuation in energy and other markets. Mr. Stoddard's recent work has focused on electricity industry restructuring and on providing both strategic analyses and testimony for utilities, generation owners, and governments regarding the practical implications of market design and structure, particularly in New York, New England and PJM.

Mr. Stoddard has submitted testimony to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as well as to the utility commissions and legislatures of several states on competitive market design and market power issues, and he has testified in civil litigation and arbitration on the interpretation of, and damages relating to, energy contracts. He recently was the lead economist for capacity suppliers in developing the New England capacity market and, in a separate case, played a central role in negotiating the settlement of the PJM Reliability Pricing Model.

In related areas, Mr. Stoddard has served as the special economic counsel to the Rhode Island House of Representatives for electricity restructuring; acted as overseer for Connecticut’s standard-offer energy auction; devised an energy trading strategy audit and strategy redesign for a major northeastern utility; conducted a comprehensive review of operating flaws within the structure of an ISO; designed a market-based transfer pricing system for the distribution, trading, and generation subsidiaries of a leading western utility; and managed the federal and state regulatory filings for several large utility mergers and asset sales.


PhD (ABD), Yale University
MA, Economics, Yale University
MPhil, Economics, Yale University
BA, Amherst College