Featured Experts: Dallas

  • Senior Consultant to CRA
    Michael Granfield is a senior consultant to CRA in the Transfer Pricing Practice. He has more than 30 years of experience in transfer pricing, working for major corporations and clients involved in retail, global sourcing, pharmaceuticals, autos, and high technology. Dr. Granfield has worked with two government tax authorities and more than 60... Read more
  • Vice President
    Steven Schwartz has 30 years of economic consulting experience advising clients on a range of litigation matters, including securities, intellectual property, and antitrust disputes. Dr. Schwartz has been retained as an economic expert in a wide variety of litigation matters with extensive expertise in commercial damages estimation. He has worked... Read more
  • Consultant
    Louis Scharringhausen specializes in eDiscovery, cyber, and digital forensic matters assisting clients and their counsel in independently responding to litigation requests, allegations of fraud, abuse, misconduct, intellectual property theft, and non-compliance. A former federal agent, he has more than 15 years of experience conducting complex... Read more