Engaging stakeholders in strategy

Engaging stakeholders in strategy

A new strategy or way of working needs to be understood, believed in and supported by everybody that it affects, at every level. CRA helps senior teams to build that will and enthusiasm from the beginning. Our proprietary IMPETUSTM methodology combines leadership coordination, needs analysis, program planning, skills development and tactical support to ensure that stakeholder interaction is integrated effectively into strategy development and implementation.


Internal change

  • Securing internal buy-in to reorganization
  • Leadership alignment and commitment to driving strategy
  • Assessing organizational culture and mood
  • Challenging and supporting engagement and communication
  • Creating understanding and enthusiasm for change

Commercial strategy implementation

Reputation and stakeholder relationships


From R&D through to launch and life cycle management, we ensure that strategies are conceived with the best chance of success by ensuring the buy-in of all relevant stakeholders. CRA’s specialist consultants in stakeholder engagement and communications work closely with the strategy team to integrate this critical component into implementation design from the outset.


A professional and rigorous approach to stakeholder engagement

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