Pricing and market access strategy

Pricing and market access strategy

Pricing and market access decisions are critical levers that make the difference between maximizing the value of a given product and leaving significant money on the table. However, manufacturers who want to develop successful pricing and market access strategies must navigate the complex and evolving interactions between customers and products.

We use life sciences experience and persuasive economic arguments to help companies identify optimal pricing and market access strategies that meet internal and external stakeholder needs. We understand the environment and set a course that aligns products with the interests of customers.


Pricing and contracting

We conduct pricing and contracting engagements in nearly all major therapeutic areas:

  • List and net price at launch
  • Lifecycle price management
  • Contracting strategies and tactics
  • Innovative (alternative) contracting models

Market access

Our market access recommendations have led to success for many high-profile products and franchises. We help to optimize market access through insights and advice on:

  • Access landscape and coverage policies
  • Value story and messages
  • Building compelling clinical and health economic evidence
  • Reimbursement strategy and tactics
  • Payer attitudes and price sensitivity
  • Physician and patient response to price and access constraints
  • Pricing and contracting strategies by channel
  • Financial modeling and revenue/profit optimization
  • Assessment of competitive response


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