Product launch strategy

Product launch strategy

You only get one opportunity to execute a successful product launch. Whether your organization is looking for high level product strategy, comprehensive launch support, or optimizing a particular aspect of the launch plan, CRA has the analytical tools and market experience needed to make the most of your one and only launch opportunity. CRA helps life sciences companies set superior product launch strategies based on sound market fundamentals, such as an understanding of market segments, potential sources of business, and underlying demand. We help map out the multi-faceted path for successful execution, from product positioning, to market preparation, to pricing and market access, to preparing the sales force, to ensuring the product is available for distribution.


Environmental assessment

  • Clinical environment and treatment approach
  • Competitive environment, including expected new entrants
  • Stakeholder analysis and buying process

Product positioning

  • Identify unmet needs
  • Test product features and differentiation
  • Position against the competition
  • Co-position with other portfolio brands
  • Gaps and evidence generation plan

Brand strategy development

  • Market segmentation (i.e., payer, HCP, patient, and other stakeholders)
  • Identify potential sources of business
  • Develop strategies to access potential sources of business
  • Analyze costs and likelihood of success for alternative strategies
  • Prioritize investments (i.e., sales force sizing, marketing mix, and pricing)

Pricing and market access

  • Access landscape and coverage policies
  • Value story and messages
  • Building compelling clinical and health economic evidence
  • Reimbursement strategy and tactics
  • Payer attitudes and price sensitivity
  • Physician and patient response to price and access constraints
  • Pricing and contracting strategies by channel
  • Financial modeling and revenue/profit optimization
  • Assessment of competitive response

Tactical planning and oversight

  • Message testing and alignment across communication channels
  • Partnership with marketing agencies to ensure effective execution of the strategy
  • Support for sales and account management training
  • Tactical segmentation and sales execution planning
  • Launch monitoring tools and KPIs


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