Therapy area strategy

Therapy area strategy

Successful manufacturers don’t just manufacture products—they partner with physician and payer customers to provide solutions. Stakeholders expect manufacturers to master suites of products that address multiple patient segments across an entire therapy area. This arrangement produces intangible value for stakeholders because the value of the portfolio is greater than the sum of its parts.

We help life sciences companies develop and implement strategies in a variety of therapy areas across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.


Establish franchise

We uncover opportunities, identify threats, and build a franchise position within a therapy area:

  • Critically assess current position and future ambition
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of current products?
    • What are the must-address gaps in the franchise?
    • What is the nature of your stakeholder relationships?
    • What type of commitment are you willing to make within a particular therapy area?
  • Identify and prioritize investment opportunities (through acquisition or research)
  • Develop a franchise that will create additional corporate and/or shareholder value

From launch to lifecycle

We help clients execute superior product launches and manage the co-existence of multiple products within therapy area:

  • Optimize existing assets
  • Launch new products to advance patient care
  • Co-position a franchise of products with overlapping indications
  • Optimize value story and pricing across the franchise over the lifecycle

Alignment and partnership

We support cross-team collaboration to reinforce the therapy area approach to key stakeholders:

  • Align internal stakeholders toward unified franchise goals
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the category and commitment to external stakeholders, such as KOLs, providers, payers, regulators, and patients
  • Establish the foundation for long-standing partnerships


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