Life Sciences Litigation - Senior Team

Life Sciences Litigation: Senior Team

Gregory K. Bell
Vice President, Practice Leader


Dr. Bell frequently testifies as an expert witness on damages in intellectual property, finance, and antitrust litigation in courts and arbitration proceedings in North America, Europe, and Australia. Dr. Bell’s business consulting engagements focus on the economics of business strategy, working with firms to develop sustainable competitive advantages in specific product markets. He has led numerous projects concerning game theory and competitive strategy, global launch strategy, product pricing and positioning, capital budgeting and real options, and cost-benefit analyses.

Peter Rankin
Vice President
Washington, DC


Peter Rankin specializes in the economic and strategic evaluation of the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Dr. Rankin’s pharmaceutical research includes assessment of patent extension antitrust claims, class certification analysis, monetary damages from intellectual property disputes, evaluation of blood/plasma market dynamics, product line valuation, and product reimbursement strategies. His health industry research includes analysis of attempted monopolization, demand for medical services, and the cost implications of antitrust waivers for health care providers.

Andrew Tepperman
Vice President


Andrew Tepperman has frequently analyzed damages issues in litigation engagements and has provided economic assessments of market definition, market power, and anticompetitive conduct. He has considerable experience evaluating a range of antitrust issues associated with intellectual property rights.