Life Sciences Policy - Senior Team

Life Sciences Policy: Senior Team

Gregory K. Bell
Vice President, Practice Leader


Dr. Bell frequently testifies as an expert witness on damages in intellectual property, finance, and antitrust litigation in courts and arbitration proceedings in North America, Europe, and Australia. Dr. Bell’s business consulting engagements focus on the economics of business strategy, working with firms to develop sustainable competitive advantages in specific product markets. He has led numerous projects concerning game theory and competitive strategy, global launch strategy, product pricing and positioning, capital budgeting and real options, and cost-benefit analyses.

Tim Wilsdon
Vice President


Tim Wilsdon focuses on projects involving the pharmaceuticals sector and the retail financial services market. As a vice president in CRA’s London office, Mr. Wilsdon is responsible for leading many pharmaceuticals projects in Europe. He commonly talks at European conferences on issues to do with pricing and reimbursement and the economics of innovation. Recently, Mr. Wilsdon has completed studies for PhRMA, LIF, and PIASA on how pharmaceutical markets could be reformed to work more efficiently. Previously, he was responsible for managing an assignment for the European Commission determining whether there was a global crisis in innovation. He has worked on a series of global pharmaceutical projects, recent examples include projects investigating the potential for launching a new Alzheimers and arthritis product and the likely impact of bio-similars in the growth hormone market.