Simplify patient tracking

RDNavigator is a robust, cloud-based tool that securely maps rare disease patients and informs various patient identification initiatives.


Track every step of a patient’s journey

Track patients throughout their journey to identify leakage points in the treatment funnel and treat more patients.

  • Understand the true patient population
  • Drive diagnoses and treatment
  • Identify drivers and barriers to treatment initiation
  • Generate actionable insights
  • Inform decisions, reporting and forecasting
  • Focus national and regional efforts

See how RDNavigator simplifies patient tracking

Real-time patient dynamic updates

Track identified, diagnosed, and/or treated patients in real-time across geographies

Interactive visualisations

Explore customised, interactive drill-downs to track and map patients at their point of diagnosis and care

Robust data entry

Simplify data entry by leveraging easy-to-use input forms, reducing manual data cleaning

Patient, revenue and KPI reporting

Automate your reporting by connecting your patient identification data directly to your forecasted revenue

Benefits of RDNavigator

RDNavigator creates a ‘single source of truth’ to optimise cross-functional decision-making and answer key business questions.

Make smarter business decisions

Drive diagnosis and treatment
  • Identify true patient count
  • Find drivers and barriers to treatment
  • Understand regional differences in diagnosis and treatment patterns
Support product growth
  • Track and understand discontinuations
  • Identify sites with high or low ROI
  • Align field force compensation with patient dynamics
Increase disease awareness
  • Fill gaps in the patient journey
  • Bolster disease awareness, both internally and externally
Support internal processes
  • Support revenue forecasts with RWE
  • Strengthen sales force alignment
  • Assess business opportunity

Save money while you centralise and streamline

A robust internal patient tracking processes yields significant returns, but implementation and maintenance often presents insurmountable cost and resource efforts. RDNavigator makes this critical technology accessible to rare disease companies at a fraction of the traditional cost and effort.

  • Minimal up-front effort required
  • Integrates easily into your existing infrastructure
  • Expert support every step of the way
  • Single source of data with streamlined process for field users
  • Cloud-based, code-free and platform agnostic interface
  • Automated, customised reporting

Tailored by rare disease experts

RDNavigator is built by CRA, a global consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience helping life sciences companies anticipate trends and break through strategic barriers.