Cyber or "Data Breach"

Cyber Crime Investigation

Companies and their counsel retain the cyber crime investigation experts at CRA when they need independent cyber crime investigation, rapid cyber incident response, and world class cyber security risk management.

Our professionals include information security experts, incident responders, former IT auditors, former law enforcement officers, and computer forensics experts with deep technical and analytical skills, and decades of investigative and cybersecurity experience. We bring a pragmatic, practical approach to addressing threats and incidents in an effort to limit disruption and help our clients get back to business as usual.


CRA provides a broad spectrum of cyber services and capabilities, from the initial investigation of an incident, to the assessment and resolution of potential exposure. We are frequently called upon to deploy small, focused teams that are experienced at working under privilege to assist clients and counsel with the following services.

Forensic investigation

We are noted for deploying small, focused teams of experienced, cross-trained forensic investigation professionals who are experienced at working under privilege in order to help clients establish facts and gain deeper insights more quickly. This enables clients to assess exposure—and take defensible, corrective action—sooner than under more traditional approaches. Our forensic investigation services include:

  • Investigating the cause of data incidents;
  • Determining whether a breach occurred; and
  • Assessing the impact on the organization, employees, customers and/or third parties.

Data breach and cyber incident response

Our team has worked on hundreds of data incident response cases, including many of the world’s largest reported data breaches. CRA’s knowledge and expertise will ensure a quick response to the following complex challenges:

  • Quantifying accruals and preparing disclosures;
  • Complying with the requirements for timely notice;
  • Communicating with regulators and law enforcement;
  • Preparing insurance claims;
  • Providing e-Discovery and other litigation support services;
  • Quantifying or rebutting damages claims; and
  • Issuing expert reports and providing testimony.

Cyber security risk management

Drawing upon our deep experience in cyber crime investigation and cyber incident response engagements, we are often retained to help with other cyber security needs, such as:

  • Table top exercises;
  • Phishing campaigns;
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE).

CRA International, Inc. holds private detective licenses in Illinois (License No. 117.001795 115.002511), Indiana (Private Investigator Firm License No. PI21600025), Massachusetts (License Number LP1045A), and Michigan (Professional Investigator Agency License No. 3701207037).