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Cyber threats to the financial industry: Data, geopolitics, and the growing cyberattack surface

May 15, 2019

Has the speed of information and transparency opened an unstoppable risk for the finance industry? Cyber threats continue to evolve and provide learning opportunities for risk managers to build defensible positions against them. We recently hosted a panel of cyber security experts who discussed how financial services organizations and their advisers can prepare themselves in the event of a cyber-attack. As moderator, Anne Joves, Associate General Counsel, National Futures Association said: “data is the crown jewel of a company in financial services.”
To better understand how to protect that crown jewel, the panel discussed the nature of cyber threats; information sharing and intelligence; risk mitigation; and how an organization can better prepare itself for when a cyber event happens.
Our panelists included Kevin Kirst, Principal in CRA’s Forensic Services Practice, and Don Ulsch, Senior Consultant to CRA.

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