Cybersecurity Hygiene Services Overview

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CRA’s Cybersecurity Hygiene Services are designed to complement law firms’ existing IT and security operations, and to help establish a proactive cybersecurity hygiene program – by reviewing the four pillars for robust threat management:

  • IT asset visibility – Do you have full asset visibility and know what computers are connected to your network, and what they’re running?
  • Managing risks – Are patches successfully deployed? Are there any vulnerabilities in your environment that are actively exploited by threat actors in the wild? Can you identify administrative privileges and ensure appropriate access across the environment?
  • Sensitive data protection – Can you identify where privileged information resides?
  • Effective incident response readiness – Are your IT tools preparing you for effective crisis response and remediation?

Our services help reduce the risk in advance of sophisticated attacks, maintain proactive cyber hygiene, and build muscle memory with all security and business stakeholders to be able to effectively respond to a security incident.

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