Fatih Fazilet

Associate Principal
Fatih Fazilet | Finance | Charles River Associates

Dr. Fatih Fazilet is an associate principal in CRA’s Finance Practice where he has worked on a broad range of topics, including market manipulation, securities litigation, regulatory matters, and valuation of mortgage-backed securities.

Dr. Fatih Fazilet has a broad range of expertise in market manipulation investigations, encompassing the development and evaluation of economic models to understand underlying empirical patterns and performing profit and loss analyses. He also has extensive experience in building and scrutinizing statistical models employed in securities litigation, such as event study models related to section 10-b5 and section 11 damages and prediction of settlement amounts.

Prior to joining CRA, Dr. Fazilet completed his PhD in Economics at the University of Minnesota, where his research focus was on Financial Economics. His research papers were on the effects of alternative mortgage contracts on the housing market and calibrating statistical models to gain insights into the behavior of distributions characterized by skewness and kurtosis.