Kaitlyn Edsall

Vice President
Kaitlyn Edsall | Life Sciences | Charles River Associates

Kaitlyn Edsall is a vice president in the Life Sciences Practice of CRA. She is an expert in customer insights and data strategy with a specialty in life sciences and healthcare.

In her previous roles, Ms. Edsall has specialized in qualitative and quantitative research, particularly patient and HCP segmentation and targeting, competitive brand positioning, strategic messaging, and corporate and brand reputation tracking. She has experience leading varied strategic market research projects to inform marketing and communications campaigns with clients from various global health sectors. Prior to her role at CRA, Ms. Edsall was a manager at C1 Consulting.

Selected Engagements

  • 01
    HCP Identification and Outreach
    CRA approach  CRA created patient cohorts through combinations of symptomatic ICD codes, procedure codes, prescription failures, etc. since no ICD code exists...
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  • 02
    Natural Language Processing of Voice of KOLs (VoKOLs)
    CRA approach Understood and defined the current medical affairs strategy and key business questions Developed taxonomy structure with themes, topics, and key...
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