Meera Kotak

Associate Principal
Meera Kotak | Energy | Charles River Associates

Meera Kotak is an associate principal in CRA’s Energy Practice, specializing in strategy analysis and advisory, energy transition, and M&A due diligence.

Her expertise is in utilizing the opportunities brought by traditional and advanced nuclear, and she has advised operators, vendors, and utilities on the role it plays in the broader pathway to net zero. Ms. Kotak has extensive experience in defining entry and commercial strategies for advanced nuclear through assessment of markets, regulations, technologies, economics, and value streams.

Ms. Kotak is Global Co-Chair and Europe Lead for CRA’s Women’s Employee Resource Group, designed to connect, inform, and empower female colleagues and allies. She served on the Women in Nuclear Board and has held Steering Committee positions for The Nuclear Institute and EnergyUK. She is the recipient of the WeAreTheCity ‘Professional Services’ award.

Prior to joining CRA, Ms. Kotak held roles at an energy consulting firm for a European utility, and for a multi-national professional services firm, focusing on the energy retail and nuclear markets.

Ms. Kotak holds a BA in History from University College London.

Selected engagements

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    Assessing advanced nuclear integration in North American utilities
    CRA’s team of nuclear experts evaluated the potential benefits of incorporating advanced nuclear into a typical North American utility system and quantified...
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  • 02
    Evaluating government support for nuclear technology advancement
    CRA’s team of energy consultants worked closely with the government of a Tier 1 nuclear country to conduct a review of the efficacy of the current government...
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  • 03
    Integrating fourth generation nuclear tech into established nuclear fleet
    A team of CRA Energy consultants worked with a large nuclear fleet operator to formulate a strategy for incorporating advanced, fourth generation nuclear...
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