Tony Bower

Vice President

Tony Bower is a vice president in the Life Sciences Practice of CRA. Dr. Bower has 25 years of market access experience as a consultant to, and executive in, the biotechnology industry in the US and abroad.

His expertise encompasses pricing strategy, market access, outcomes research and, generally, scaling and improving effectiveness of growing pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In the past couple of years, he has worked on more than 35 products in the US and globally in rare disease, large retail pharmaceuticals, and oncology.

In addition to establishing his own consulting firm, Dr. Bower held leadership roles in large commercial entities such as Amgen and small to midsize biotech companies such as Synageva Biopharma. At Synageva, he was brought in as Vice President to build out a new organization and strategy for pricing, reimbursement, and health economics. At Amgen, while based in Europe, he led pricing and contract strategy development and operational execution for the $3B business and established annual pricing guidance by country for dozens of products.

Dr. Bower published peer-reviewed articles and monographs during his tenure as Senior Economist at RAND Corporation and published outcomes research while at Amgen, ALZA, and Synageva.