Healthcare Claims Analytics Platform (HCAP)

Healthcare Claims Analytics Platform (HCAP) is a modular, dynamic, rapidly updating data-visualization tool that provides streamlined analysis of patient, Health Care Practitioner (HCP), and Health Care Organization (HCO) level data to support decision making and insight generation. HCAP supports clients in visualizing advanced analytics to provide intelligence on patients, physicians, hospitals, and the broader healthcare market. With the information obtained from HCAP, clients are better informed to make key strategic decisions.

Key capabilities include:

  • HCP Analytics enhances HCP identification and targeting strategies providing an in-depth analysis of physicians based on geography, prescribing patterns, patient volume, market influence, and HCO affiliations.
  • HCO Landscape enhances HCO profiling and account prioritization, providing a deep understanding of HCP affiliations.
  • Patient Analytics helps with patient identification and disease management, providing information on key patient characteristics, patient journey, Rx use, and additional behavioral insights.
  • Market Overview displays key market trends and patient dynamics, enabling a snapshot of the market across treatment dynamics, sales, key Rx trends, and source of business.
  • Patient Finding enhances patient finding and targeting strategies, providing support to clinical trial recruitment or commercial activities for rare disease and beyond.

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