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  • Biologically similar but competitively not so? Economic considerations of IP litigation settlements involving biosimilars.

    In a podcast episode of Our Curious Amalgam, Sean Sheridan and Archan Ruparel speak with Anora Wang and Christina Ma on the complexities of negotiating patent settlements involving biosimilars.

    Learn more and listen to the podcast here
  • World Orphan Drug Congress USA 2022

    CRA is a proud sponsor of the congress.

    Lev Gerlovin and Bhavesh Patel present the Pricing & Reimbursement track session titled “Project LEOPARD: future expectations for pricing, access & commercialization.”

    Click here for more information
  • How Russian sanctions are exposing law firms to new supply chains risks

    In this Lawyer Monthly article, Nick Panes argues that law firms need to reassess their supply chains through a new lens of risk management.

    Click here to learn more
  • CRA welcomes Welch Consulting colleagues to our Labor & Employment Practice

    CRA is proud to welcome Welch Consulting colleagues to our Labor & Employment Practice. To learn more about our colleagues and their work, read our press release.

    Read the press release

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