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  • Changing incentives around export voluntary self-disclosures

    In this infographic, Waqas Shahid and Kristofer Swanson provide an overview of the Department of Commerce’s updated policy regarding voluntary self-disclosures related to export violations.

    View the infographic here
  • Artificial intelligence in human resource management: Realizing its potential and best practices

    With the increasing presence of AI in HR decisions, Valentín Estévez and Catherine Massey provide four main takeaways in this Insights on how to use it most effectively for both your business and your employees.

    Read the Insights here
  • Competition analysis of the electric vehicle recharging market across the EU27 + the UK

    This report produced by consultants from CRA’s Energy and Competition Practices on behalf of the European Commission provides an assessment of potential competition issues in the provision of publicly accessible recharging infrastructure and related services for electric vehicles (EVs) in the EU27 + the UK.

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