DEI-Outloud at CRA In 2019, a group of CRA colleagues created an affinity group specifically for CRA’s LGBTQI+ community to share their experiences and perspectives and exchange ideas about how to make our organization as diverse and inclusive as possible. In launching OutLoud@CRA, our goal was to remind our colleagues that everyone deserves to be seen, heard and proud of who they are.

Some of the initiatives launched by OutLoud@CRA include:

  • Hosting an event that brought together LGBTQI+ group leaders from several global energy companies in London, all of whom shared their experiences and DE&I-related initiatives (June 2019).
  • Celebrating the anniversary of National Coming Out Day by encouraging colleagues across our global offices to wear rainbow-themed attire to raise awareness of LGBTQI+ rights (October 2019).
  • Offering informational lunch-and-learn sessions and other networking events across CRA offices for those interested in learning more about OutLoud@CRA.
  • Inviting colleagues to watch a screening of “The Freedom to Marry,” a documentary that highlights the progress of the marriage equality movement, followed by a Q&A session with the film’s director (June 2022).

We are incredibly proud of the work that OutLoud@CRA has done to raise awareness about the struggle for LGBTQI+ rights—and to empower our LGBTQI+ team members and their allies to make their voices heard.

Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) were created to give our team members a forum to share their experiences, perspectives, and insights. Our other ERGs include: