Benefits & Wellness

Our philosophy

CRA is proud to offer high-quality, competitive, and flexible benefits that support the needs of our employees and their families. Our extensive offerings, from travel insurance to saving for retirement to our global Wellness Program, enable physical, mental and financial wellbeing for our staff and provide extra help when it’s needed most.

Wellness program

CRA believes a robust wellness program encourages personal and professional productivity and overall wellbeing. We recognize that everyone has unique interests, challenges, and needs. As such, our various global initiatives are designed to educate, support, and empower all employees to create a culture of wellness that suits them.

Wellness Program offerings include:

  • Global digital wellbeing platform
  • Mental health support
  • Webinars on financial strategies, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep, and physical wellbeing
  • Individual and group-based challenges with the opportunity to donate to charitable causes and win self-care prizes
  • Stand-up desks (most offices)
  • Live meditation and exercise classes


  • Several of our offices offer adjustable desks so colleagues can sit or stand when they choose.

  • Team “CRA Life Sciences” biked through the hills of San Francisco during a charity event in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

  • Our London office hosted a #CycleForASmoothie wellness event, complete with make-your-own smoothie bikes.


Associate, North America

“CRA provides a well-covered and competitive benefits package to its employees. The dental, vision, and flexible spending account plans suit my needs quite well. You have the option to select whichever suits your and/or your family best. Also, CRA’s Benefits team holds multiple introduction sessions and 1:1 office hours to make sure employees do not get lost in the sea of information. I really appreciate their prompt replies and detailed explanations.”

Executive Assistant, Europe

“The broad range of offerings sets CRA’s benefits plan apart. The financial support that is provided through the health insurance contribution for families/singles is a great relief as it removes one expense from your shoulders and with the pension fund scheme provided, gives you comfort for the future. Overall CRA’s benefits program stands out from other employers. Through the pandemic the announcement of the employee assistance program was brought up multiple times so that the team was made aware of it.”

Corporate, Europe

“CRA’s benefits meet my needs by offering above and beyond the basics. Especially during the pandemic, many of us have begun placing a greater focus on our mental and physical wellbeing. Some of us may experience back pain from the remote set up and others are beginning to plan their journeys as parents and may be thinking of childcare allowances for when we return to the office. No matter what the concern is, our Benefits teams has an inclusive package for all. During lockdown, I discovered the cashback plan, which has become my favourite benefit, as it encourages me to receive preventive treatments to avoid illness. For example, it allows me to take food intolerance tests, massage therapies, and reiki. I also appreciate the weekly newsletter information that is provided since the remote environment started.”

Senior Associate, North America

“I believe the 8-week parental leave, plus additional 8-week leave for birthing moms are some best-of-class parental leave policies. Also, we have a wealth of wellness webinars, including stretching, meditation, healthy diet, and a lot more, which are perfect in the work from home era. The 8-week parental leave provides me ample time to adjust to a new lifestyle. With the time I can enjoy the new chapter of my life without worrying about work, and also I’m able to find the right pace before heading back to the busy life as a consultant. The Benefits team does a fantastic job in communicating our benefits. The Benefits website is also well organized and easy to find information. Plus, the team is very responsive to employee’s individual needs and questions.”

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