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Professional Development at Every Career Stage

CRA’s Learning & Professional Development framework is focused on providing clarity around expectations and advancement, delivering meaningful feedback, and focusing on individual development needs. CRA offers Core training programs that are designed to strengthen fundamental skills through each stage of your career:  Research and Analysis, Project Management and Business Development.  Additionally, CRA offers timely and relevant hard and soft skill training to round out a professional portfolio.
As the Director of Human Capital, I have the privilege to be a part of many of our trainings. In particular, our Senior Research and Analysis Core program is offered to our senior staff hires who join us without prior consulting experience. It is designed to introduce them to our firm, offer skill-development workshops and help them build relationships with their peers. The focus is on upskilling participants to enable them to hit the ground running.
As a result of this course, participants will develop people management skills, learn to write concisely, navigate project management, and discover how CRA operates as a business. Furthermore, this training affords our new hires the opportunity to network with colleagues from all offices of the firm.
During the training, I lead our homegrown Manager Challenge session where we discuss the importance of a manager’s role in project work, team and client management.
Training at CRA is more than just skill development, it’s about building a stronger community both internally and externally. This year, training participants teamed up with a global nonprofit called Good360. We were able to put our hands to good use by building family kits for the victims of Hurricane Maria.
Our learning culture is a part of what differentiates CRA. I am incredibly eager to continue to watch my colleagues grow and develop in their careers, and I am confident that the Senior RAC training got them off to a great start!