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Women’s history month: Developing female talent

Each March, we celebrate women’s history month to honor the contributions and strides women have made throughout history. Developing the futures leaders of an organization and recognizing talent, is a powerful way to help promote each team member to succeed.
At Charles River Associates, we strive to ensure the experience for women and men has a focus on rigorous analytics, a culture of learning from senior managers as well as peers, and a spirit of entrepreneurialism. Hear from leaders across the firm in our consulting practices and administrative departments on how CRA embodies these values.
“From the adrenaline rush that comes from the high stakes and tight deadlines of a major litigation, to the luxury of access to great data and tools with which to analyze them—the work is engaging and intellectually stimulating. But most important are all my smart colleagues—both women and men—who are always eager to engage in careful analysis and healthy debate.”
-Monica Noether, Vice President, Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice
“What I love about consulting is the teamwork. Every member of the Financial Economics team adds value and is valued. Experts are hired based on experience and not on gender. I found CRA to be a wonderful fit for me because it had women (Monica Noether and Margaret Sanderson) in key leadership positions. That gave me the confidence to serve as Practice Leader—a role I have truly enjoyed.”
-Marsha J. Courchane, Vice President and Practice Leader, Financial Economics Practice
“I believe nowadays women can have it all—a great career, work-life balance, and client impact. It takes hard work, determination, passion, and the help of role models and mentors along the way. Hence, as female executives, we have an obligation to pay it forward so that the road to success widens to accommodate more talented women!”
-Maria Blanco, Vice President, Marakon
“At CRA, we never stop learning. Each new case is an opportunity to apply economics—both empirical and theoretical—to real world problems, and that keeps the job from ever getting boring! My colleagues are intellectually curious and open to discussing new ideas.”
-Anne Layne-Farrar, Vice President, Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice
“You have to be willing to go the extra mile, find ways to continuously improve your performance, and make sure that the people you work with know they can count on you.”
-Delia Makhlouta, Director, Corporate Department
“When I look at my colleagues and mentors at CRA, female or male, I see people who have earned their success, who are collaborative and compassionate, and are not afraid to seize opportunity when presented. I’m proud to work for such a meritocratic and inclusive company that recognizes and rewards hard work and good ideas, no matter who they come from.”
-Amelia Mockett, Analyst, Life Sciences Practice