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Founding CRA’s story began in 1965. We were founded by professors from MIT and Harvard (featured in the above photo) – right across the Charles River from where our global headquarters are today in Boston, Massachusetts. While our founders never imagined CRA would grow to be over 1,000 consultants spread across 20+ global offices, they knew they wanted to do high-quality, challenging, honest and intellectually defensible work in a harmonious, collaborative environment. That founding ethos is a hallmark of who we are today.

Stock market symbol CRAI [NASDAQ]

Locations Our first office was in the Sheraton Commander Hotel in Cambridge MA, where we operated until we moved into our present location at 200 Clarendon Street (formerly the John Hancock Tower) as one of the original tenants, shortly after our founding. Our newest office, opened in 2024, is in Houston, Texas. Visit our Locations page for more information.

Number of consultants 997 as of the end of 2023

Practice areas CRA brings a multi-disciplinary approach to client matters, bringing together the best talent from across our offerings and geographies to meet our client’s needs. Organizationally, our consultants are grouped into one of twelve practice areas which allow us to ensure that each individual has opportunities for mentorship, training, and professional growth. Learn more about our practice areas.

We are a global workforce CRA staff hail from more than 65 countries across 6 continents, with 37 languages spoken. Learn more about immigration and global mobility at CRA. The map below showcases the nationalities of CRA colleagues.

CRA is made up of leading minds More than 82% of our senior staff have advanced degrees, with more than 35% holding PhDs.

Common university majors include (but are not limited to): economics, finance, natural sciences, cybersecurity, data science, statistics, mathematics. Business, engineering, computer science and accounting are also popular topics.

We have complex client needs In the past two years, our clients include 82% of the Fortune 100 and 97% of Am Law 100.

Typical CRA consulting project The duration of a project can range from several weeks to over a year depending on the practice and project type. Project teams are senior-led and typically staffed with a vice president, a senior-level project manager, several mid-level consultants, and one to two junior consultants. You can find more information about the types of projects to expect in a particular practice here.

Operational performance CRA reported a record-setting fiscal 2023 at $624 million. We report full fiscal year financial results in the first quarter of the following fiscal year. To learn more about our financial performance, see the investor relations section of our website.

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