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Immigration & global mobility

We are a global consultancy

CRA’s commitment to hiring the best and brightest is what makes us a global consultancy. Our colleagues hail from over 50 countries and speak more than 30 languages. To support our international workforce in the changing global immigration climate, CRA’s immigration services have grown exponentially over the past several years. In today’s ever-changing world, we are committed to easing your concerns.

Support throughout the immigration process

Immigration support is deeply invested in by CRA, and this includes guiding employees through immigration applications by ensuring each case is treated with the individual care it deserves. Learn more about how CRA helps you through the process.

  • US immigration
  • UK immigration

Nationalities of CRA colleauges

Facts & figures

  • 50+
    countries from which our employees hail
  • 30+
    number of languages our colleagues speak
  • 20%
    of CRA employees take advantage of visa support annually, including support for work permits, business visitor applications, and international transfers

Career news updates & insights

Hear stories directly from CRA employees about their experience with CRA’s immigration process.

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