CRA offers an intellectually curious, collegial, and academic environment in which to build your career. Our practice areas allow individuals to develop their expertise in their chosen field of interest, work with assigned mentors, and build their consulting skills. While individuals join a practice area, many find their professional relationships extend beyond their practice, and that the analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills needed for success are common across the firm.

Our practice areas also provide an internal organizational structure so that employees have a supportive framework, with assigned mentors, through which to develop their skills and grow their career. Our employees can develop deep, specialist expertise in their areas of interest to bring comparative advantage to clients. At the same time, our multi-disciplinary approach ensures that collaboration and cross-over routinely occur. Across all our practices, the skills to succeed are similar: analytical rigor, navigating complex problems, using data to generate insights, and working in senior-led teams.

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