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CRA offers an intellectually curious, collegial, and academic environment in which to build your career. Think you would be a great fit here? Take a look at tips for applying to and interviewing at CRA.

Building a strong application

  • Your résumé

    You have one page to sell yourself and your experiences to the résumé reviewer, so be mindful that any content on your résumé should directly relate to the job you are applying for. Include your contact information, education, coursework, and LinkedIn URL. Highlighting relevant professional experiences that briefly describe your responsibilities and achievements is essential.

    At the end of your résumé, include extracurriculars, applicable skills, language skills, and special interests. We are always interested in applicants who are active in their communities and have taken on leadership roles.

    Your résumé should be neat, well-organized, and maintain consistency. Keep your résumé black and white and – unless you have significant work experience – one page. The interviewer should be able to easily find critical information like your education, professional experiences, and skills. Remember to have a trusted friend proofread it for you before you submit it.

  • Your cover letter

    Your cover letter is a great tool for portraying who you are in a way that a résumé alone cannot capture. What are your passions, and how do they align with the role?

    Unless specified in the job advertisement, address your cover letter to “Hiring Manager” or “Recruiting Team”

    Briefly introduce yourself in the first paragraph, and include information about why you’re applying to the role, why you’ve chosen the consulting industry, and why you’re excited to work for CRA.

    Then, provide additional details that your résumé might not contain. Highlight your strengths and how you’ve applied them to past experiences, using examples. We like to see a demonstrated interest in the work we do, and you can showcase this in your cover letter. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and tell us what makes you a great fit for the role.

    For multi-practice and multi-office roles, we will be looking for you to specify the practice(s) and office(s) you are interested in being considered for. It is very important that we know where you would like to be located if you were to receive an offer from CRA.

    As with your résumé, ensure your cover letter is consistent and well-written.

Interview format

While your résumé and cover letter are the first impressions we have of you, the key to making those impressions stick is in the interview process. Be yourself and let your enthusiasm for CRA, the role, and the work shine through. For all interviews, be prepared to share why you are interested in CRA and demonstrate, with examples, why you are a good fit for the role and our culture.

Interview style

Interviews are designed to evaluate your capabilities and potential for the requirements of the role. Different styles may include:

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