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Training and development

Our philosophy

People development is core to who we are at CRA, and we take pride in our robust learning culture. Our development framework is focused on providing multi-dimensional technical, foundational, and consulting skills to all staff. Our offerings are broad and available at every career stage, and our employees are active participants in their professional success. Our training offerings constantly evolve to reflect changing client needs, development priorities and specific feedback from colleagues.

Our core training programs comprise a series of foundational courses that support consultants’ development needs. As individuals grow their careers at CRA, the training brings new skills and opportunities that align with growing responsibilities. Our small class sizes, high engagement, and participant representation from multiple offices and practices provide opportunities for colleagues to get to know each other and learn from each other’s unique experiences. Core training participants are offered one-to-one executive coaching to support them to achieve their development goals.

Core Training Programs - CRA

  • Colleagues show off their desk setups during remote training.

  • Our “What it takes to be successful at CRA” panel, a staple session during RAC training, features consultants across all levels advise new hires on making the most of their CRA experience.

Other training opportunities

  • Careers at Charles River Associates

    Project managers gather virtually for training on team management and client relationships.

  • During one of our most popular RAC sessions, “Meet the CEO”, Paul Maleh hosts an interactive Q&A with our new junior class.

Training testimonials

Finance, North America

“During Core training, I gained a lot from hearing about the experiences of vice presidents, project managers, and junior staff who worked in different practices and offices than my own. I am confident I will be managing my time more effectively and in turn, be more productive with projects.”

Corporate, North America

“I appreciate CRA’s commitment to continuous learning. I have found LinkedIn Learning to be a particularly useful tool to refresh technical skills and to learn more about topics that are important to our business. I thought some of the courses on Excel pivot tables were helpful because we process large amounts of data within Finance, and I believe there is always an opportunity to optimize the way we use Excel. I look forward to exploring more courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform and would encourage others to do the same.”

Associate, North America

“During RAC I appreciated everyone instilling a sense of belonging into all of us new hires. I think for a lot of us, especially myself, the prospect of starting my professional career and this being the first role I have out of college is daunting and scary and I think there can be a sense of imposter syndrome, but everyone at RAC has been very welcoming and made it a point to say they love that we are here and they’re very excited for us to be here and to be joining the firm so that has been great to hear.”