Training & professional development

Our philosophy

People development is core to who we are at CRA, and we take pride in our robust learning culture. Our development framework is focused on providing multi-dimensional technical, foundational, and consulting skills to all staff. No matter the career stage, our employees are active participants in their professional success. As a result, our training offerings are constantly evolving to reflect feedback from colleagues.

As we seek to expand our opportunities, we are committed to achieving 100 training hours per employee per year. Through our Core training program, practice-specific learning, employee-led Tech and Client Labs, elective trainings, and more, employees can take ownership of their learning and career path.

Core training

Our core training programs comprise a series of foundational courses that track your development as a consultant. As you grow your career at CRA the training brings new skills and practice opportunities every step of the way. Small class sizes and evening social events provide plenty of opportunity to get to know your colleagues and build your internal network.

  • Colleagues show off their desk setups during remote training.


  • New senior staff participate in a training program designed to introduce them to CRA and the consulting world, set expectations, offer skill-development workshops, and help build relationships with peers.

At CRA, you choose your training opportunities

  • Tech Lab

    CRA’s homegrown educational series exclusively created and led by our employees. The firm-wide sessions focus on technical and analytical tools. Recent topics have included Python, Excel shortcuts, Tableau, Zoom conferencing, web scraping & social listening, and MS Word styles. As these trainings are fueled with ideas from our staff and taught by internal experts, Tech Labs allow employees to “pay the learning forward” and share their expertise with others.

  • Client Lab

    Our internal, senior-led, distinguished speaker series. These sessions increase our shared knowledge about the capabilities within CRA by showcasing content and thought leadership that enables us to collectively better serve our clients.

  • Elective training

    Provides modularized portions of our Core program when it’s most needed for you. Examples of our courses include feedback training, communications and presentation delivery, and supervisor preparation.

  • External professional development and tuition aid

    CRA provides unique options of reimbursement to offset the cost of pursuing your education goals. Full-time employees are eligible to apply for our tuition reimbursement program to help cover fees associated with graduate school or external professional development opportunities.

  • Practice training

    Introduces foundational industry and functional knowledge, technical and empirical skills, and client methodologies specific to the practice area. Each practice independently designs the structure of their training which may take the form of lunch and learns, interactive case studies, technical roundtables, role playing, bootcamps, or knowledge-sharing group discussions.

  • Graduate school seminars

    Is graduate school in your future? Every year, we invite admissions teams from top tier programs to CRA to speak about the application process, discuss opportunities available at their schools, and meet CRA’s very own academic affiliates.

  • Online self-directed learning

    Through partnership with external online training platforms, employees have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of various software and technical tools including Python, SQL, R, and Excel, among others.

  • Our “What it takes to be successful at CRA” panel, a staple session during RAC training, features consultants across all levels who give advice to new hires on making the most of their CRA experience.

  • Our RAC Class of 2018 gathers for an end-of-training photo.

  • While RAC training took place remotely for our newest junior staff, they quickly adapted to the virtual sessions.

  • During one of our most popular RAC sessions, “Meet the CEO”, Paul Maleh hosts an interactive Q&A with our new junior class.

What do colleagues say about our training opportunities?

Rahul Chhabra, Finance, North America

“During Core training, I gained a lot from hearing about the experiences of vice presidents, project managers, and junior staff who work in different practices and offices than my own. I gained perspective on what my role is in the Finance practice and in the overall company. Because of this, I am confident I will be managing my time more efficiently and in turn, be more productive with projects.”

Kaleigh Clinkscales, Labor & Employment 

“I have gained so much from the Research & Analysis Core training experience. I enjoyed connecting with my new colleagues and learning about the other practices and the firm. One of my favorite sessions was ‘Meet our CEO’, where we heard from Paul Maleh himself and asked questions about his experiences at CRA”

Cavay Ip, Life Sciences, North America

“At CRA, there are opportunities for people to get involved in initiatives they are passionate about — things like recruiting or training. I personally help with training, both developing programs and delivering them. In that way, you can ensure folks are growing and contributing, not only to maximize what we’re doing but for their future careers too.”

Lisa Stockley, Antitrust & Competition Economics, North America

“During Core training, recent hires with advanced degrees gathered for a program designed to orient us to CRA. Though I was already contributing to project work, there was a lot I still didn’t know. How do I manage expectations? How will I give feedback to my project collaborators? Where do I fit in here? Training answered these questions. It highlighted how important my role was in the development of our junior staff and gave me the tools to properly handle being a leader and teacher. I witnessed the breadth of CRA’s expertise through my classmates and realized I was surrounded by incredibly competent people.”

CRA Analyst Orientation

  • RAC training brings together junior staff from across many geographies and practices – represented here are colleagues from 5 practices and 7 offices.

  • While participating in training remotely, staff still had opportunities to virtually mingle with colleagues through trivia games, cooking classes, and ice breaker sessions.

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