Canadian Infrastructure Company – developing investment case for hydrogen

Supported a Canadian Infrastructure Company in the development of the investment cases for hydrogen which eventually led to a major new blue hydrogen project announcement 


A Canadian Infrastructure Company was looking to drive diversification into new alternative energy investments, including hydrogen 

There were multiple, opportunistic projects that were being explored, but the client needed a more coherent growth strategy to help prioritize investments and mobilize resources towards the most promising growth initiatives  

The client identified hydrogen as a macro theme for focus on given existing access to key infrastructure, and it sought to define a more specific strategy to underpin the ambition of building a material hydrogen business at pace    


Built alignment with internal stakeholders on the strategic rationale for investing into hydrogen given the operating context of the client 

Conducted deep assessment of the regional hydrogen value chain to help inform participation options for the client, including assessing the competitive landscape, competency requirements and economic potential 

Prioritized the participation pathway for the client and assessed the medium-term commercialization potential, the market and regulatory conditionalities required for reaching materiality at pace, and partnership options  

Helped design the organizational structure and governance model to advance the hydrogen strategy  


Developed the hydrogen investment case that was approved by the Board as a major strategic initiative for the company 

Clarified the execution roadmap for the new hydrogen team underpinned by a detailed multi-year plan with clear stage-gates, milestones and accountabilities for advancing the strategy 

Paved the way to an eventual public announcement of a major new blue hydrogen project in Western Canada in collaboration with one of the identified strategic partners 

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