Global Shipper – defining the future fuel strategy

Supported a Global Shipper in developing its future fuels strategy, underpinned by economic, technical and market assessments of alternative fuels and evaluation of supply security outlook 


A Global Shipper was looking to determine the optimal pathway for achieving long-term fuel decarbonization 

There was a range of potential low and zero carbon alternatives, including hydrogen-based fuels, but no consensus existed for the optimal solution 

There was a need to understand whether the identified low carbon fuel alternatives were viable at the scale required to support the client and the broader industry  


Short-listed the leading alternative fuels based on expert input and high-level techno-economic assessment 

Performed in-depth future-oriented analysis of the shortlisted fuels: 

Assessed whether and how the technical challenges for the widespread use of the fuels could be overcome 

Quantified the potential economic impact of transitioning to the new fuels 

Assessed likely competitive position against new sectors that could represent future supply competition for similar fuels 

Defined the market conditions required for the shortlisted fuels to become economically viable and developed the long-term roadmap and short-term opportunities to drive the forward transition 


Created confidence for the client around the future fuels to bet on for the long-term 

Clarified where in the fuel value chain the client should focus on and how to ensure security of supply in the future 

Identified key market signposts that will be critical to monitor over time to ensure staying on the most economical decarbonization pathway 

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