How do we organize internally in order to participate in an Open Innovation environment? - Operational design


  • Major pharma company seeking to understand how to participate in Open Innovation
  • Primary goal was to understand the potential benefits, scenarios for success and implementation challenges


  • Working in partnership with the leadership of the global discovery organization, a program of primary and secondary research to establish:
    • The current status of open innovation approaches in the pharma industry and in other industries which are further advanced in this concept
  • Evaluation of the business case for different approaches to open innovation and their relevance to the goals of the client


  • Best case option for Open Innovation appropriate to the client’s specific circumstances, identified and articulated
  • First draft blueprint created
  • Implementation plan drafted
  • Board paper created, setting out the business case and rationale
  • An Open Campus open innovation model subsequently created as a pilot on one of the client’s key regional sites