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ITR Managing Tax Disputes Summit

September 28, 2023
Convene at 22 Bishopsgate, London
transfer pricing

The ITR Managing Tax Disputes Summit will gather in-house tax professionals, tax advisors, and regulators, to provide insight into the key issues and developments in the tax disputes landscape.

Robin Hart is a panelist on “Exploring tax disputes in the digital economy” and will discuss:
• Defining taxable digital transactions – intangible assets, digital goods and services
• Analysing cross border disputes arising from e-commerce
• Keeping up with technological advances – how to avoid disputes arising from uncertainties

Paul Wilmshurst is a panelist on “Preparing for and managing tax audits” and will discuss:
• Best practices to avoid tax audits and disputes
• Future tax planning in anticipation of increased tax audits
• Dealing with the variety of tax authorities involved in different jurisdictions
• Working with local advisors and managing tax authority relationships

CRA is also a proud sponsor.

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