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New York Arbitration Week Lunch Seminar - Mining disputes: What’s on the horizon?

November 16, 2023
New York, NY
international arbitration

Metals such as lithium, cobalt, and nickel are essential for the production of batteries, which are used in electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, consumer electronics. As demand for these products continues to grow, so too will demand for those metals. The limited supply of these materials and their geographical concentration is creating and will continue to create challenges.

These challenges are only compounded by price volatility encumbering mine planning. Unstable political or economic conditions create additional concerns for supply and for mining companies.

Other materials, such as copper and gold, have been subject to dramatic price fluctuations in recent years, with ensuing impact on supply agreements, both take-or-pay and deliver-or-pay. Accentuated price fluctuations have also made it more difficult for mining companies to obtain exploration financing.

These challenges are complex and are having a significant impact on the mining industry and will be discussed by a panel of experienced practitioners with a deep understanding of the legal and commercial challenges facing mining companies.

Tiago Duarte-Silva moderates the session.

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