CRA News


September 16, 2021
Social Venture Partners

Since 2016, CRA has forged an incredible relationship with the Boston chapter of Social Venture Partners (SVP), a global organization that provides pro-bono consulting to local and regional nonprofits—particularly those that work with underserved and minority populations.

In addition to being one of SVP Boston’s corporate sponsors, CRA has been proud to lend its expertise to SVP grantees. To date, more than 25 CRA team members have worked hand-in-hand with other SVP consultants, who span a wide range of professional backgrounds and experiences, on a broad array of societal issues, from education and racial equity to food insecurity and social justice.

Our very own Monica Noether, an active SVP Boston volunteer and board member (and one of CRA’s longest-serving consultants), summed up the partnership:

“Our involvement with SVP enables CRA staff to use their analytic and consulting skills to provide valuable and rewarding capacity-building to critical non-profit organizations in the Boston area. I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done, and hope that more of our team members will find ways to get involved with this remarkable organization.”

Since its very founding, CRA has strived to make an impact in the communities where we work—especially in our hometown of Boston. Now, as we look to bolster our efforts in the areas of corporate social responsibility (CSR); environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG); and diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), our alliance with SVP Boston will be a critical cornerstone—one we fully intend to build upon.

We see our commitment to social causes (the “S” in CSR and ESG) in terms of two, equally important pillars: employee engagement (which includes DE&I); and community advancement. Our collaboration with SVP strengthens both, by empowering our team members to use their knowledge, expertise and passion to further the growth of social impact organizations that help bring about real, tangible change.