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Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Literature Watch: Q2 2022

August 1, 2022
financial litigation and regulation

In the Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Literature Watch, members of our Finance Practice provide summaries and links to published research about insider trading and market manipulation. The team will provide an update each quarter.

The authors’ own abstracts are included in the newsletter and are unedited. Links to the full paper are provided. The inclusion of a paper in this newsletter does not signify that CRA or any of its experts agree or disagree with the content or conclusions therein.

In this edition, we feature pieces including a paper discussing the impact of insider transactions of a CEOs’ stock gifts to family members; an article examining the effects of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on insider trading; a study documenting racial differences in senior executives’ access to information; an study exploring how target firm insiders respond to Wall Street Journal articles referring to illegal insider trading in past mergers; and an article proposing that market manipulation has a negative causal impact on the four dimensions of corporate culture.

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