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IP Literature Watch: March 2020

March 24, 2020

In this edition of IP Literature Watch we feature an assortment of recent papers, including an empirical study of how different types of patent examiners use prior art rejections to either compact or delay prosecution. Specifically, low volume examiners will generally reject applications creating lengthy prosecution histories while forcing the applicant to narrow claims, while showing a misunderstanding of either the prior art and/or the claimed invention. In contrast, high volume examiners will usually only make one rejection then allow the case, thus creating a small prosecution history with only small amendments to the claims.
Also in this issue, we include a paper about the advantages and disadvantages of using machine learning to produce patent landscapes; a study that measures the impact of piracy on time spent on free and paid streaming apps; and the ways in which intellectual property regimes influence incentives for the development of new vaccines for infectious diseases.
To read more about these topics and other recent publications concerning intellectual property issues around the world, click below to download a copy.

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