Marakon Commentary

What We Are Being Asked To Do

April 8, 2020

Management teams have rightly spent the first 2-3 weeks of the Covid-19 crisis focusing on employee wellbeing and ensuring business viability / continuity. Their industry and the initial strength of their balance sheet are two major factors that are influencing how well companies cope with the bounded uncertainty created by Covid-19.

A third factor, that management has more control over, is how they spend their time now to increase the odds of outperformance following the immediate health crisis. For many CEOs the reduction of travel and cancellation of investor conferences, events and face-to-face meetings, has created more time, which can be used to reflect on: which of the trends and behaviours we are seeing accelerate in the Covid-19 world are here to stay, and what does this mean for me and my business? We shared our perspectives on some of these in our recent post 5 Lasting Changes CEOs Need to Be Planning For Now.

The article below looks at seven things we’re being asked to help our clients do as they look to be proactive and stay out ahead of the unfolding reality, so that they can emerge in the strongest position possible.

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