Daniel Brand

Senior Consultant to CRA

Daniel Brand is a well-known transportation expert with more than 35 years of research and consulting experience in urban and intercity transportation policy and investment analysis.

His areas of expertise include travel demand and revenue forecasting, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), high-speed rail, maglev, and other new transportation technology evaluation studies; and transportation fare, pricing, marketing and economic impact projects.

For example, he has managed the firm’s revenue bond feasibility studies for attorneys overseeing the multibillion-dollar bond financings of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority since 1982. He has been the Chairman of three major Transportation Research Board (National Academy of Sciences) Committees (Passenger Travel Demand Forecasting, New Transportation Systems and Technology, and ITS). Before joining CRA in 1977, Mr. Brand was undersecretary of transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and an associate professor at Harvard University.

Selected engagements

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    For Bird Global scooter company, James Burrows analyzed the effects on adoption rates, consumer welfare, and public benefits of price caps on the use of...
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